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End of registration: 26.6.2016
Late registration: by 1 hour before the start of selected competition

Conditions of participation:

Everybody is allowed to participate as far as the required health and physical conditions are guaranteed. It is absolutely necessary that all participates of the 12h and 24h run are over 18 years old. All 24h- relay runners have to be at least 16 years old. Furthermore, the age groups U12/U14 as well as U16/U18 are registered for the kids relay run. Members per team relay: min. 6, max. 10.

Participants of team relays:

teams of 4: minimal 2, maximal 4 participants
teams of 12: minimal 5, maximal 12 participants
teams of 24: minimal 13, max 24 participants

Distribution of bib numbers

Friday: 1.7.2016,  from 08:00 to 22:00 at the Stockhalle of ATV Irdning
Saturday 2.7.2016, from 05:00 to 12:00 at the Stockhalle of ATV Irdning


Bag with goodies, pitch on the campsite during the competition, changing rooms and showers in the sports centre, provisions at the refreshment stations, medical care, massage, timing with exact breakdown of all rounds, list of results and a commemorative medal.

Meeting of all runners:

This meeting is compulsory for all single runners and runners of team relays of the 24h run or their coaches. This meeting takes place at the main stage on Saturday, 18:00. The meeting for all 12h runners is at the start.


Friday, 01.07.2016, 19:00, single runners and all team relays. Mass start!
Saturday, 02.07.2016, 07:00, 12h single runners. Mass start!


The finish will be closed on Saturday, 2nd July 2016, 19:00
Kids and Teen relays: the last completed round will be counted, award ceremony at 20:00 in finishing area.
12h run: the last completed round will be counted, award ceremony of first three podium places (women and men) takes place at the main stage afterwards.
24h run single and relay runners: when you here the final whistle it is necessary to stop immediately and to wait for the measurement team. The data are required for the final evaluation. Award ceremony takes place on the main stage afterwards.


The evaluation is carried out by a Pentek-champion chip. There is no evaluation of absolved rounds without a chip. It is possible to either use your own chip or to rent a new GreenChip for 4€. This is a single use chip, which should be returned.


The circular route is about 1217,75 m and asphalted throughout
Height difference: 1,8 m
Continuously illuminated during the night

Camp site:

The registration fee includes a pitch on the camp site and will be handed out at the distribution of bib numbers. It can also be reserved per mail in advance. Energy for illumination is available. Please bring your own power set in case more energy is needed.

This pitch is also the transfer point of the ribbon, which is handed out with all starting documents.
Furthermore, every single and relay runner receives a second starting number. These numbers should be displayed visibly at the camp.

Refreshment station

There will be refreshment stations along the way which are available continuosly. Isotonic drinks, water, tea, lemonade, fruits, food rich in carbohydrates etc. are offered there.

Due to organisational reasons it is not possible to bring refreshments for several participants to the camp.


The rules apply as defined of IWO and IAU. As a matter of facts, during championships it is allowed to take a break of only 4 hours. It is only permitted to receive refreshments at the defined refreshment stations or in the area of your coach. These rules only apply for the championship – participants, not for the public 24h run.

The change of the relay always occurs through the transfer of the ribbon. It is essential that there is always one runner on the track. The bib number has to be displayed visibly on the front. Furthermore, every participant has to wear his/her chip. It is vital that there is only one team member on the track or the team can be disqualified.

During the competition there are first aid stations on-site. Qualified paramedics and doctors of the red cross ensure the medical attendance. If high health risks occur medical staff can prescribe breaks or exclude participants from the race in case of emergency.


Through the registration every participant accepts the exclusion of the organiser´s liability.


There are possibilities for staying overnight in the sport centre. Please bring your own sleeping bag and air bed with you.

Room reservation

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